Lightsheet Microscopy

ADM develops Lightsheet Fluorescence Microscopy in different way:

  • SPIM: Selective Plane Illumination Microscopes (SPIM),

for living organisms, image at fixed magnification with water dipping objectives (10x, 20x, 25x, 40x, 63x, 100x),

  • MacroSPIM with a macroscope (lower magnification) allowing easy zooming and different resolutions,

magnification range: 1.2 x to 24x. Optimized for large samples like organs and tumors, combined with Optical Clearing.

  • LEMOLISH: Our LEGO-based lightsheet microscope, soon available to be reproduced by any lab.
  • Oblique Plane Microscopy (OPM): Lightsheet illumination on an inverted microscopy, optimized for High-content imaging and multiwell plates.

coming soon!