ADM Course 2023

Advanced Optical & Fluorescence Microscopy & BioImage Analysis Course, Oct 24-26, 2023

ADM offers a 7.5 hours course on Advanced Optical and Fluorescence Microscopy and BioImage Analysis.

This course targets research staff who need Bioimaging: Phd students, Postdocs and research staff from IRB Barcelona and institutions at the PCB. The course is free and will be held in person.

Registration is based on first come first served.

Attendance is strongly recommended for 1st year Phd candidates at IRB, who have guaranteed seat in the course.

The course capacity is about 30 seats. Attendance is expected for all days of the course for people who register.

Registration will be prioritized this way:

- IRB research staff: automatic confirmation during the week 2-6 OCT, first-come first-served.

- research staff from public institutions at the PCB: from OCT 17th, upon availability of seats, first-come first-served and priority to junior research staff who has not attended earlier editions.

- research staff from other public institutions and private entities: upon availability.

Access the Registration Form HERE


Lídia Bardia, Anna Lladó, Nikolaos Giakoumakis, Chong Zhang, Julien Colombelli

Where:  Sala Dolors Aleu, Parc Científic de Barcelona PCB (C. Baldiri Reixac, 6. 08028 Barcelona)

PRELIMINARY Program (Subject to changes)

   OCT 24th, 15h-16h30 Trainer: Julien Colombelli

Day 1 / SESSION 1    Image Formation and 3D Imaging

     OCT 24th, 17h-18h30  Trainers: Nikos Giakoumakis, Julien Colombelli

Day 1 / SESSION 2    Nano-scale & Mesoscopy/Lightsheet

Super resolution (SR) / Nanoscopy

Meso-scale Imaging, Mesoscopy, Lightsheet Fluorescence Microscopy

  OCT 25th, 9h30-11h Trainers: Anna Lladó, Nikos Giakoumakis

Day 2 / SESSION 3     Molecular Imaging and High-Content

Correlative Light to Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

Photomanipulation: Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)


High-Content and High-Throughput Microscopy

  OCT 25th, 11h30-13h     Trainer: Chong Zhang

Day 2 / SESSION 4     BioImage Analysis in Life science - Part I

OCT 26th, 15h-16h30 Trainer: Chong Zhang

Day 5    BioImage Analysis in Life science - Advanced, Part II