Macroscope MVX10

Research Macro Zoom Microscope System. High fluorescence efficiency plus stereo-like observation.

Maximum specimen protection due to short exposure time and long WD for observation at optimum magnification.

This Macroscope can be used to perform long-term transmission Timelapse.

Contact Lídia Bardia and Anna Lladó to use this instrument: microscopy(at)

Technical Features


Extended Focus Imaging

In transmission/Reflection, as well as in fluorescence, Extended Focus Images are automatically reconstructed

by the acquisition software of the MVX10 to conserve in a single image the 'in focus' information of a stack of images.

In these example images, one appreciates the short depth of field of a single image (left) which does not allow to

keep the large sample in focus throughout the full axial extent. The EFI image (right) combines all in-focus parts

of the image stack.

Macroscope MVX10 with Motorized Focus