Visitor Lab, Wet Lab

Our Facility offers access to lab instruments and a culture room for external visitors and for critical microscopy experiments

requiring liquid sample manipulation, cell culture, temperature incubation, etc...

The lab is accessible to everyone using the microscopes under general conditions, if you are external please contact us to know

more details: microscopy(at)

General rules:

Cell Culture:

- Upon authorization, you can temporarily place your cells in our visitor's incubator.

- Cells should be tested for mycoplasma before entering the facility.

Fume hood (Chemical)

For toxic reagents (e.g. some clearing protocols)

Small instruments:

Are freely available to anyone, find below a list with technical specifications:



- Lens cleaning tissues, ethanol, distilled water, lens immersion oils are freely available in the facility.

- Glass sample mounting material (slides, dishes) are NOT provided by the facility, please purchase your own stocks.