High-content, widefield/TIRF

Olympus ScanR - Xcellence - TIRF

Widefield Fluorescence Microscope for Long-term Live Imaging, High-Content Screening and TIRF

Contact Anna Lladó or Julien Colombelli to use or inquire about this instrument:  microscopy(at)irbbarcelona.org


Multiwell plates Imaging

Image credits: colon organoids cultures by Adrià Cañellas (Lab Eduard Batlle, Colorectal Cancer Laboratory, IRB) 

High-content Widefield fluorescence

Image credits: neurons cultures from Daniella Rossi, Lluís Pujadas (Lab Eduardo Soriano, Univ Barcelona) 

Technical Features

Temperature and CO2 control across the whole chamber insures good accessibility to the sample.

Different Stage inserts allow live imaging with Petri dishes or MultiWell plates.