Super resolution: Elyra PS1 + AiryScan

Microtubules imaged with Super resolution

SIM vs. confocal

Since 2018 IRB offers access to three modalities of Super resolution combined in a single System: the Elyra PS1+ Airyscan.

Airyscan: Technique of Image scanning microscopy with an array detector, it enables 1.7 factor resolution improvement in a confocal mode and compatible with live imaging and conventional fluorescence.

Resolution improvement in 2D and 3D.

SIM: Structured Illumination Microscopy. A factor 2x resolution improvement achieved by reconstructing various images with a grid illumination pattern. Suitable for live imaging although relatively slow.

Resolution improvement in 2D and 3D.

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy: aka PALM/STORM, dSTORM etc...

Using the blinking properties of certain fluorophores, each fluorophore can be localized with very high precision (20-30nm laterally, 50-60 axially). The final images reconstruct thousands of images containing dozens/hundreds of localisations.

Resolution improvement can go up to 10x, as compared to conventional microscopy, with suitably selected fluorophores.

SMLM is not suitable for live imaging, special sample preparation required.

For info, please contact Nikolaos Giakoumakis  nikolaos(dot)giakoumakis(at)irbbarcelona(dot)org