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Advanced Digital Microscopy Core Facility
IRB Barcelona
c. Baldiri Reixac, 10-12
E-08028 Barcelona
tel: +34 93 40 34647
The Advanced Digital Microscopy is a Core Facility unit of the IRB Barcelona.
It was Inaugurated in January 2009 
and offers 24/7 access and support to 12 state-of-the-art and conventional imaging instruments for Life Science research,
from high throughput screening widefield and confocal/multiphoton microscopy, to emerging techniques for cell manipulation and 3D imaging.

 Access to Advanced Light Microscopy

    ADM supports in average 150 users per year from IRB Barcelona and external entities, i.e. public Institutions in Barcelona and private companies. In brief, ADM  offers 24/7 access to laser scanning spectral and multiphoton microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy, fully automated widefield and confocal screening, TIRF, laser manipulation (FRAP, laser nanosurgery, photoactivation), fluorescence macroscopy and stereoscopy, micromanipulation and microinjection, Lightsheet fluorescence Microscopy (SPIM) at macro- and micro- resolution, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) and Time-correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) confocal Microscopy (including derivatives e.g. FCS, FCCS, FLCS etc...), Super Resolution Imaging (PALM/STORM, SIM, Airyscan).


    ADM assists scientist throughout the full process of microscopy experiments: design projects, teaching  techniques, introducing the use of instruments, processing data and analyzing images, assist scientists in interpreting and shaping final results.

    ADM is responsible for the maintenance of the instruments, in close collaboration with industry partners, to provide non-stop services, 24/7.


    We develop and give access to highly specialized instruments, which either are not commercially available or perform beyond standards of existing commercial systems, e.g. laser nanosurgery for living cells and organisms, Lightsheet Fluorescence Microscopy both for living organisms (SPIM) or for large samples (MacroSPIM, e.g. optically cleared organs, tumors).


- ADM offers a unique Lightsheet-based system dedicated to 3D-Imaging of full transparent organs and tumors.

- ADM developed ‘Intelligent Imaging’ with the Leica HCS Matrix-CAM software module for confocal imaging and MicroManager for epi-fluorescence.

  Past collaborations with the following partners: Leica Microsystems, Cytoo, Izasa (Nikon distributors in Spain). 

Image Processing

    ADM is very active in Image Processing and Analysis to address existing gaps in the panel of available commercial software for Image processing.  We focus on developing custom software tools to answer the specific needs of our scientists and accelerate/improve the outcome of microscopy experiments. We also develop signal processing tools and data analysis routines to address the new challenges brought by the large amounts of data generated by high-throughput and 3D Imaging.

A New Network for BioImage Analysts: NEUBIAS                   

funded by the COST framework, COST Action CA15124

   IRB Barcelona, together with other 14 institutions in Europe, has constituted a new network of BioImage Analysts through the award of a COST Action under the competitive call of 2015.

    The Action started activities on May 3rd, 2016. IRB Barcelona acts as Grant Holder for the Action, which has establish a series of activities (e.g. 15 Training schools in 4 years for over 400 trainees, workshops, development of online tools and repositories, staff exchange programs etc...) for the development of BioImage Analyst professionals in Europe, for a period of 4 years.

    In 2019, the Action counts with over 250 members in 43 countries in Europe and beyond (including Australia, USA, Singapore, Brazil).

    More information at

 Access to Technology through Networks


ADM takes part in EuroBioImaging, a large‐scale pan‐European research infrastructure project on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap, aiming at constructing a network Infrastructure for Biomedical and Life Science Imaging.

In the 1st Open Call for Euro-BioImaging Nodes, more than 220 imaging facilities from 19 different European countries submitted 71 applications for expressing their interest to become part of Euro-BioImaging. The Interim Board has nominated 28 Nodes candidates in 2015.

ADM participates in 2 of these Nodes, expected to start activity in Summer 2016:

- B-MIN: Barcelona Mesoscopic Imaging Node, together with the CRG and ICFO.

- B-LIVIN: Barcelona Live and Intravital Imaging Node, togehter with the University of Barcelona and the CRG.

Related news:

in Jan-July 2012: ADM took part in the EuBI Proof-of-Concept-Studies as a PCS site in Spain.    Find more information at 


ADM stands among the most advanced light microscopy platforms in Spain and is an active member of the

  Spanish Network of Advanced Light  Microscopy (REMOA: Red Española de Microscopia Óptica Avanzada), whose first official meeting was hosted by IRB Barcelona in March 2011.

check the next meeting SPAOM, in Bilbao.

PAST EVENTS co-organized by ADM:

May 2015             

15th International ELMI Meeting in Sitges-Barcelona !

Co-organized by IRB Barcelona and CRG (Timo Zimmermann). 

September 2014    

6th International Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Meeting in Barcelona, co-organized by IRB Barcelona, CRG and ICFO.                     

February 28 - March 1st, 2013  

1st Light Sheet Microscopy Workshop in Spain, Barcelona,  

co-organized by IRB Barcelona, Carl Zeiss and CRG.

October 7 - 12, 2013

European BioImage Analysis Symposium - EuBIAS 2013,

Co-organized by IRB Barcelona, University of Dundee and EMBL. Check for more here.

ADM Layout (2010)

Layout Legend:
1: SP5 confocal + multiphoton,
2: SP2 confocal,
3: SPE confocal,
4: Epifluorescence microscopes,
5: Fluorescence stereoscope,
6: fluorescence Macroscope,
7: Confocal spinning  disk,
8: Microdissector,
9: Laser Nanosurgery + FRAP,
10: Automated widefield
for Screening + TIRF,
11: Image  Processing workstations.