Olympus ScanR - Xcellence - TIRF

Widefield Fluorescence Microscope for Long-term Live Imaging, High-Content Screening and TIRF

Contact Anna Lladó or Julien Colombelli to use or inquire about this instrument:  microscopy(at)irbbarcelona.org

Technical Features

 Features Specifications Comments
 MT20 stable Illumination
 Xenon Mercury lamp unit with superstable intensity and intensity peaks at 365, 405, 436, 546, 577
 Suited for stable intensity in High-Throughput  Analysis & Time Lapse analysis
 Stage Maerzhaueser Motorized stage for X-Y multiple fields Images
 Stage inserts for single slide, multiple slides,
 Petri dish for live imaging diameters 35mm & 50mm, MultiWell Plates.
 Ex.    377 / 50
 BS     409
 Em.   447 / 60
                         Ex.    436 / 20
                         BS             450
                         Em.   480 / 40
 Ex.    470 / 40
 BS     500
 Em.   525 / 50
                         Ex.    500 / 20
                         BS            520
                         Em.   535 / 30
 Ex.    545 / 30
 BS     580
 Em.   617 / 73
                         Ex.    620 / 60
                         BS            650
                         Em.   700 / 75
   DAPI -like

    CFP -like

    GFP -like

    YFP -like

    RFP -like

    Cy5 -like

    All filters HR coated in UV, manufactured by AHF Analysentechnik
 TIRF lasers
 488nm, 561nm    
 30mW, 100mW
 Environment Box
 Temperature and CO2 control, feedback inside the whole incubation chamber
 Manufactured by  EMBL (Heidelberg -Germany)
 Objectives lenses
 4x/ 0.13 UPlan FL N
 10x/ 0.30 UPlan FL N
 10x/ 0.30 CPlan FL N
 20x/ 0.45 LUCPlanFL N
 20x/ 0.45 LUCPlanFL N
 40x/ 0.75 UPlan FL N
 60x/1.20 water UPlan SAPo 
 100x/1.30 oil UPlanFL N
 100x/1.45 oil PlanApo
 150x/1.45 oil UApo



    TIRFM objective lens
    TIRFM objective lens                

  a 1.6x Zoom lens can be inserted in the light path using any objective lens
 Condenser inserts    DIC10, PhC, Ph1, DIC60  
 Hamamatsu Orca-ER 12 bit sensitive camera, with 8bit gain control
 Acquisition softwares CellR/ Xcellence    
 ScanR Acquisition
 ScanR Analysis also available, with pre-set Cellular and Tissue Analysis Assays.


 Time Lapse

( Transmission &
 Multi-Channel, Z-stacks, Multiple X-Y positions

  Xcellence software
  Long -term imaging
 High Throughput
 Templates for Multi-well, Multi-Slides or Large Mosaics                              acquisition
 Scan R software
 TIRFM      Membrane dynamics, cytoskeleton dynamics, Focal
  Adhesions, Molecular membrane Clusters.
 Xcellence software

Temperature and CO2 control across
the whole chamber
insures good accessibility to the sample.

Different Stage inserts allow live imaging
with Petri dishes or MultiWell plates.