Stereoscope Leica

Research Leica MZ16 F stereomicroscope with manual focus for demanding fluorescence and
bright field microscopy examinations.

Contact Lídia Bardia or Anna Lladó to use this instrument:  microscopy(at)

Technical Features

 DFC 300 FX
Digital FireWire Color Camera
for Fluorescence Microscopy,
- 1.4 Megapixel CCD with Bayer
Array RGB Filter
- 36 bit RGB color depth
- Exposure time adjustable from 5 μseconds to 10 minutes
 Acquisition Software Leica Application Suit
version 3.3.0

   Ex.    360/40
            DM    400
            Em.   420
YFP:      Ex.    510/20
            DM     545
            Em.   560/40
GFP:      Ex.    425/60
            DM     440
            Em.    480
DsRed:   Ex.    546/12
            DM     440
            Em.   560 LP





 Zoom Zoom ratio 1:16
 Magnification 1x PlanApo objective lens
 TripleBeam  fluorescence technology
 The excitation light is passed through a separate third beam path. The light utilization is extremely high and even low fluorescent structures appear with intensive illumination against a deep black background
 FluoCombi III  High resolution micro-objective interchangeable:

HR 20×/0.42 WD 20mm 
 Quick changeover between a stereo objective and a plan apochromatic micro-objective to sort the specimens in the 3D overview and immediately characterize them using microscopic magnification


 Fluorescence imaging
 Fluorescence dissections
 Bright Field detection