Macroscope MVX10

Research Macro Zoom Microscope System. High fluorescence efficiency plus stereo-like observation.
Maximum specimen protection due to short exposure time and long WD for observation at optimum magnification.
This Macroscope can be used to perform long-term transmission Timelapse.

Contact Lídia Bardia and Anna Lladó to use this instrument: microscopy(at)

Technical Features

 Detection type Macroscopy:
Single optical detection path
  Widefield-like detection with Zoom
 CameraOlympus DP72
     Captures a maximum of 12.8 megapixel, 4140 x 3096, full-resolution image with outstanding color fidelity, clarity, and detail in under 2.5 secs
 Acquisiton SoftwareCell D
 Filters Turret 3 filters + BF
    U-MGFPHQ/XL: Ex. BP460-480HQ
                            DM 485
                            Em. BA495-540HQ
    U-MRFPHQ/XL: Ex. BP535-555HQ 
                         DM 565HQ                                                           Em. BA570-625HQ
    UV (AHF F46-000)

GFP - like

RFP - like

Dapi - like
    Motorized focusing module to control axial position & perform Extended Focus Imaging (EFI)
 Zoom ratio 1:10 (0.63x-6.3x) Manual control
 Magnification 1x, 2x objective lenses
 both mounted, selectable with rotating wheel
 Mercury Lamp
 X-Cite Series 120PC EXFO
 Metal-Halide light source
    Offers rich spectral fluorescence excitation with a uniformly illuminated field of view and has 2000 hour lamp lifetime, pre-aligment and adjustable iris


 3D Bright Field and fluorescence imaging  reconstruction
 Extended Focus Imaging (EFI): Software processing module to keep the in-focus information of each Z-plane
 DarkField Transmission Imaging
 To enhance details with transparent specimen
 High-efficiency Fluorescence  detection
 Single Cell Detection in tissues & culture dishes
 Long Term Timelapse
 In Transmission contrast with low light levels

Extended Focus Imaging

 In transmission/Reflection, as well as in fluorescence, Extended Focus Images are automatically reconstructed
by the acquisition software of the MVX10 to conserve in a single image the 'in focus' information of a stack of images.

In these example images, one appreciates the short depth of field of a single image (left) which does not allow to
keep  the large sample in focus throughout the full axial extent. The EFI image (right) combines all in-focus parts
of the image stack.

 Macroscope MVX10 with Motorized Focus