Selected Publications of ADM members


Letizia AL, He D, Astigarraga S, Colombelli J, Hatini V, Llimargas M, Treisman JE.
Dev Cell, 2019, in press.

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Self-Sensing Enzyme-Powered Micromotors Equipped with pH-Responsive DNA Nanoswitches
Patino T, Porchetta A, Jannasch A, Lladó A, Stumpp T, Schaeffer E, Ricci F, Sánchez S.
Nanoletters, epub feb 1, 2019.


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Super-Resolution Microscopy Unveils Dynamic Heterogeneities in Nanoparticle Protein Corona.
Feiner-Garcia N, Beck M, Pujals S, Tosi S, Mandal T, Buske C, Linden M, Albertazzi L.
Small, 13 (41) (2017)

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Book Chapters, Elsevier, in "Super resolution and other novel Techniques",
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ISBN: 978-0-12-409513-7


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Reprogramming cell shape with laser nano-patterning
Vignaud, T, Galland, R., Tseng, Q, Blanchoin, L, Colombelli, J, Théry, M. J Cell Sci jcs.104901;
Advance Online Publication
February 22, 2012,


Viscoelastic response of contractile filaments bundles
Besser, J, Colombelli, J, Stelzer, EHK, Schwarz, U.   Phys. Rev. E 83: 051902 (2011).

Dynamic recruitment of licensing factor Cdt1 to sites of DNA damage
Roukos V, Kinkhabwala A, Colombelli J, Kotsantis P, Taraviras S, Nishitani H, Stelzer EHK, Bastiaens P, Lygerou Z.
J Cell Sci, 124, 422-434 (2011)

A novel laser nanosurgery approach supports de novo Golgi biogenesis in mammalian cells

Taengemo C, Ronchi P, Colombelli J, Haselman U, Antony C, Stelzer EHK, Pepperkok R, Reynaud EG.
J Cell Sci, 124, 978-987 (2011)


A macrodomain-containing histone rearranges chromatin upon sensing PARP1 activation
Timinszky G, Till S, Hassa PO, Hothorn M, Kustatscher G, Nijmeijer B, Colombelli J, Altmeyer M, Stelzer EH, Scheffzek K, Hottiger MO, Ladurner AG.
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Pulsed forces timed by a ratchet-like mechanism drive directed tissue movement during dorsal closure
Solon J, Kaya-Copur A, Colombelli J, Brunner D.
Cell, 137 (7), 1331-1342 (2009)

Mechanosensing in actin stress fibers revealed by a close correlation between force and protein localization
Colombelli J, Besser A, Kress H, Reynaud EG, Girard P, Caussinus E, Haselmann U, Small JV, Schwarz US, Stelzer EH.
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Tip-cell migration controls stalk-cell intercalation during Drosophila tracheal tube elongation
Caussinus E, Colombelli J, Affolter M.
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The SpoMBe pathway drives membrane bending necessary for cytokinesis and spore formation in yeast meiosis
Maier P, Rathfelder N, Maeder CI, Colombelli J, Stelzer EH, Knop M.
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Investigating relaxation processes in cells and developing organisms: from cell ablation to cytoskeleton nanosurgery
Colombelli J, Reynaud EG, Stelzer EH.
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Engelbrecht CJ, Greger K, Reynaud EG, Krzic U, Colombelli J, Stelzer EH.
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Laser nanosurgery in cell biology
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Spore number control and breeding in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a key role for a self-organizing system
Taxis C, Keller P, Kavagiou Z, Jensen LJ, Colombelli J, Bork P, Stelzer EH, Knop M.
J Cell Biol., 171 (4), 627-640 (2005)

In vivo selective cytoskeleton dynamics quantification in interphase cells induced by pulsed ultraviolet laser nanosurgery
Colombelli J, Reynaud EG, Rietdorf J, Pepperkok R, Stelzer EH.
Traffic, 6 (12), 1093-1102 (2005)

Subcellular nanorsurgery with a pulsed subnanosecond UV-A laser
Colombelli J, Reynaud EG, Stelzer EHK.
Med Laser Appl., 20 (2005)


Ultraviolet diffraction limited nanosuregery of live biological tissues
Colombelli, J, Grill, S, Stelzer EHK.
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