Euro‐BioImaging is a large‐scale pan‐European research infrastructure project on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap.

Euro‐BioImaging will deploy a distributed biological and biomedical imaging infrastructure in Europe in a coordinated and harmonized manner.

ADM (IRB Barcelona) during the  Proof-of-Concept Studies        -- NEW !! --

From January to June 2012, Euro-BioImaging will conduct proof-of-concept studies (PCS) to provide scientifically, technologically and geographically rich sampling of running sites and projects.

ADM (IRB Barcelona) was chosen to be one of the two centers in Spain to run the Proof-of-Concept study within the Work Package 6, Advanced Light Microscopy: General Access. (WP6)

ADM will offer consultancy with experiment design, instrument use, data processing and analysis,  related to Access to the following instruments will be part of the project (only through EuroBioImaging PCS):

High Throughput Microscopy & Intelligent Screening

   with        - Leica SP5 confocal Matrix.

      and      - Olympus Widefield ScanR.

Spinning Disk Microscopy with Laser Photomanipulation

        Andor Revolution FRAPPA.

Laser Nanosurgery & Microsurgery

        Laser Cutter (custom pulsed-laser-ablation-based miocroscope).

SPIM (Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy)

        MacroSPIM for cleared and large samples (0.5 to 1.5cm), Organ and Tumour Imaging.