ADM offers several specific accessories which can be used on different microscopes to serve standard or special purposes.

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Stage Inserts for Sample Mounting

 Usable on System:
  1 35mm Petri Dish stage adaptor (x2)
 SP2, SP5 and Laser Cutter systems
 Attofluor Cell Chamber for round   
 22-25mm coverslips
 Any inverted microscope
 1 slide-P35 stage insert ScanR, Laser cutter
 2 slides stage insert (x2) ScanR, Laser cutter 
 3 slides stage insert  ScanR, Laser cutter 
 Multiwell plate stage insert  ScanR, SP2, Lase cutter
 Multiwell plate-P100 stage insert  ScanR, SP2, Laser cutter
 glass slide or 35mm Petri dish insert
 Andor Spinning disk  
 35mm Petri dish or glass slide insert
 Andor Spinning disk  
  10Heating insert P  Laser Cutter and SP2 
  11Incubator S  Laser Cutter and SP2  

                                1. 35mm Petri Dish adaptor

      2. Attofluor Chamber

3. Slide or P35 holder for Olympus IX81 (ScanR), Axiovert200M (Laser Cutter)

2 slides stage insert ScanR
4. Stage Insert for holding 1or 2 Slides, Olympus IX81 (ScanR), Axiovert200M (Laser Cutter)

Special Objective Lenses

  Objective lens
 1 Leica:
 25x/ 0.95 W   wd= 2.4mm

 Long working distance (2.5mm) Water dipping
 Optimized for IR transmission
 usable on Leica upright and with special
 water supply on inverted Leica microscopes

 2 Leica:
 60x/ 0.9 W    wd= 2.2mm
 40x/ 0.8 W
    wd= 3.3mm
 20x/ 0.5 W     wd= 3.5mm
 10x/ 0.3 W     wd= 3.6mm

 Water dipping lenses for upright, mountable on inverted Leica microscoeps with special water supply adaptor (custom)

3 slides stage insert ScanR  
    5. Stage Insert for holding 3 Slides,
    Olympus IX81 (ScanR), Axiovert200M (Laser Cutter)

    6.Multiwell plate stage insert on Olympus ScanR

    7.Multiwell plate & P100 stage insert on Olympus ScanR

    8. Stage insert for Prior stage on Andor Spinning disk,
    can host a P35 culture dish or a regular glass slide,
    with spring clamps.

   9. Stage insert for Prior stage on Andor Spinning disk,
    can host a P35 culture dish or a regular culture dish,
    with  metal springless clamping jaws.
Heating insert P
  10. Heating insert P for Axiovert200M (Laser Cutter)
  and SP2 Spectral Confocal.

incubator S
 11. Incubator S for Axiovert200M (Laser Cutter)
 and SP2 Spectral Confocal.