SPE Spectral Confocal

Leica TCS SPE system:
Upright Compact and easy-to-use spectral confocal microscope for routine 3D/4D imaging

Contact Lídia Bardia and Anna Lladó to use this instrument:  microscopy(at)irbbarcelona.org

Technical Features

 Features Specifications Comments
 Laser Illumination
 405nm diode laser
 488nm diode laser
 532nm diode laser
 635nm diode laser
 GFP; Cy2; A488-like
 RFP; Cy3; A568-like
 Cy5; A647-like
 Microscope Leica DM2500
 Upright microscope
 Acquisition Software LAS AF
 version 2.4.1
 Detector Ultra high dynamic PMT, sequential scan
 You can create up to 8 channel sequential setting
 Scanning 2D (x-y; x-t; x-z)
 3D (x-y-z; x-y-t; x-y-lambda)
 4D (x-y-z-t; x-y-z-t)
 Resolution from 128x128  up to 2048x2048 pixels
 Image depth
 8-12 bit
 Zoom 1x-16x
 max. 1.600Hz (800Hz bi-directional)

 Sample Mounting
 For an upright microscope
 Stage Manual rotatory stage
 Widefield Fluorescence
          Fluorescence Filters
    I3:        Ex.    BP 450-490
                BS     510
                Em.   LP 515 
    N2.1:            Ex.    BP 515-560
                        BS     580
                        Em.   LP 590 
    UV:       Ex.    BP 340-380
                BS     400
                Em.   LP 425 



 Objective lenses
10x/0.30 CS        ACS APO
20x/0.70 CS        HC PL APO

40x/1.15 oil CS    ACS APO

63x/1.3 oil CS      ACS APO

 Dipping Lenses 10x, 20, 40x, 63x
 optionally available on demand


 1 Fixed sample confocal scanning

 2 Live imaging
 Without temperature nor CO2 supply