Andor 'Revolution' Spinning Disk

Inverted spinning disk microscope for fast acquisition and FRAPPA processes

Contact Lídia Bardia to use this instrument:  microscopy(at)

Technical Features

 Laser illumination
405nm diode laser

488nm diode laser

561nm diode laser
 For FRAP, Photoactivation and Photoconversion techniques


 Microscope Olympus IX 81
 Acquisition software
 iQ1 (FastLZ)

 iQ2 (FRAPPA module)
version 2.4.1

version 2.4.1

 Camera iXon EMCCD Andor DU-897
Ultra-Sensitive EMCCD camera
16um pixel size
 Resolution 512x512 pixels
 Image depth
 14 bit
 Sample mounting
 Stage PRIOR Motorized stage for
 X-Y multiple fields Images
 Multiposition and Mosaic
 Widefield Fluorescence
Dapi - like
GFP - like
RFP - like
 Objective lenses
10x/0.30                    UPlanFL N
20x/0.50                    UPlanFL N
40x/0.60                    LUC
PlanFL N

60x/1.42 Oil   
           Plan Apo N

100x/1.40 Oil             UPlanSApo


 Spinning disk
Yokogawa CSU-X1 (confocal spinning disk unit)
1500-10000 rpm disk, giving 300 to more than 2000 fps frame rate
 Focus control
Piezo Objective stage 0-100um Physik Instrumente
 FRAPPA Fluorescence Recovery After Photo bleach (FRAP) and Photo Activation (PA)To bleach or activate regions of interest
with user-defined times, laser lines and powers
 Fluorescence lamp
 X-Cite series 120Q
Offers rich spectral fluorescence excitation with a uniformly illuminated field of view and has 2000 hour lamp lifetime, pre-aligment and adjustable iris
Environmental conditions
 Temperature and CO2 control
 and feedback inside the whole
 incubation chamber
 from EMBL (Heidelberg -Germany)


 Fast live imaging
 Multiple field scanning